Product Name : Automatic Powder Coating Equipment
Product Introduction

The Cyclone Type Powder Spray Booth Instructions

The powder is fully fluidized in the powder supply barrel and the siphon effect is generated by the powder pump to transport the powder through the powder tube to the powder spray gun. The powder is charged through the spray gun electric shock corona area, which is electrostatic and adsorbed to the surface of the ground workpiece. After filtering the exhaust windmill so that the inside of its shower room produces negative pressure, and the un-sorption powder with the air flow, through the inner wall smooth pipe, absorbed into the large cyclone for separation, the particles of heavy powder with the rotation of the air flow centrifugal force along the wall of the cyclone barrel, through the powder sieve to the tapered powder hopper, and then by the squeeze valve recycling device to the powder bucket recycling. The powder with lighter particles, with the exhaust air flow through the secondary pipe to the paper tube filter, the powder is finally thoroughly filtered by the filter element, the built-in rotary wing pulse from the inside out blow-back filter, the powder down to the waste powder bucket, and make itself to maintain a clean state, maintain effective exhaust capacity.

The Raster Automatic Identification System

The raster identification system is installed near the entrance of the powder spray room and connected with the powder spray room control system, according to the size of the workpiece, the working time of the spray gun can be automatically triggered, the travel on the lift can be automatically adjusted, and the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece can be adjusted, thus saving the powder output and improving the recovery efficiency. In the absence of workpiece or workpiece gap is large, the spray gun will automatically close in turn, so that there is a workpiece spray, no workpiece does not spray state. Greatly reduce the air spray of powder coating, save paint at the same time reduce equipment wear, extend the service life of equipment.