Product Name : Pretreatment Equipment
Product Introduction

Water-saving Pretreatment Instructions

The purpose of the pretreatment equipment is to clean the oil and dirt on the surface of the machined car housing by means of water and potion spray to facilitate subsequent coating works, which is a very important process in the coating project.

However, the need for large amounts of water for pretreatment equipment and a large amount of drainage and discharge wastewater treatment are difficult issues in the future, and energy conservation and environmental protection are now the top priorities, so water-saving pretreatment is the best weapon for energy conservation and environmental protection.

And the upper and lower two-segment ring tube design, can make nozzle pressure not because of the height difference between the upper and lower and above small, the following nozzle pressure is very different, to avoid the lower part of the workpiece spray pressure is too large, resulting in a large number of spray spillage pollution.

The exhaust windmill is preceded by a vapor separator, which can separate the ex-treatment exhaust gas and water vapor, avoid polluting the environment, and the recovered liquid can be reused.