Product Name : Ed Coating Equipment
Product Introduction

ED coating

It is a coating method that uses an applied electric field to direct the migration of particles such as pigments and resins suspended in the electrolytic fluid and deposit them on the substrate surface of one of the electrodes.

Basic principle:

The resin contained in the cathode electrodeposition coating has alkaline groups, which are neutralized by acid and then salted and dissolved in water. After direct current, the acid root negative ions move toward the anode, the resin ions and their wrapped pigment particles move positively to the cathode, and deposit on the cathode, which is the basic principle of electro-coating.


  1. The use of water-soluble coatings to reduce air pollution and environmental hazards
  2. Coating efficiency can be up to 90% to 95%
  3. The thickness of the coating film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and the coating quality is good
  4. Can automate continuous production, improve labor efficiency